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Yard House at Legends Outlets

Posted on September 13, 2012 by under Food and Drink, Travel.    

2012-09-05 17.58.07.jpg

Happy hour at Yard House makes me happy. Not only is it the best restaurant option at Legends Outlets in Kansas City, it’s also got a great happy hour menu. Unlike other restaurants that give you only four or five choices of happy hour food items, Yard House gives you several starters, sliders, and pizzas to choose from.

2012-09-05 18.06.00.jpg

Definitely try a pineapple express. It’s like a mojito but better because it’s got pineapples! Yummy!

2012-09-05 18.12.06.jpg

The fried calamari had good flavor but was a little chewy. Fresh squid is hard to come by in the Midwest, though.

2012-09-05 18.12.42.jpg

The lobster, crab, and artichoke dip is really good also. I highly recommend it.

2012-09-05 19.43.41.jpg

Darcy and I both got the chicken and bacon mac and cheese dish. Another must try.

2012-09-05 19.44.30.jpg

Mel got the crab crusted swordfish, which looked really good also.

2012-09-05 17.59.44.jpg

Yard House - Kansas City on Urbanspoon

Yard House also has real beer floats. It didn’t sound very appetizing to me, but I’m sure people order it; otherwise, it wouldn’t be on the menu.

Yard House is my new favorite place to eat at Legends as far as the quality of the food goes. Dave & Buster’s is also good, but mostly for the arcade and games. Their food is just so-so.

I’m going to have to take Brian to Yard House on our next trip to Legends so he can try it out. I know he was really jealous that I got to try the restaurant without him.

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