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Caffe Moderne

Posted on September 10, 2012 by under Food and Drink.    

Food porn from our recent lunch at Caffe Moderne.

2012-09-05 12.17.02.jpg

Darcy got the Josephine sandwich with salad.

2012-09-05 12.17.42.jpg

Brian got the Havana sandwich with tomato basil bisque.

2012-09-05 12.18.33.jpg

I usually get the Garbo sandwich and salad, but I went all out this time and got the seafood crepe. The only seafood crepe I’d ever had in Wichita was at the Lotus Leaf, but I’d heard that they’d taken the dish off the menu. I was super excited to see that I could get it at Caffe Moderne.

2012-09-05 12.26.27.jpg

Caffe Moderne on Urbanspoon

My lunch item didn’t come with a salad but, because I’m a pig, I added one. You can’t come to Caffe Moderne and not get salad. I don’t eat the salad served at most places, but I will eat the salad they serve here (if that tells you anything).

Back when we used to eat out for lunch, Caffe Moderne was my favorite place to go. These days Brian and I just brown bag or eat at our desks for lunch or both. We made an exception on Wednesday because Darcy and I were headed to a work seminar in Kansas City. Darcy suggested Caffe Moderne, which made me happy because I love their food and I hadn’t been there in a while. I asked Brian to meet us because we weren’t going to see each other for a couple of days. He also happens to like Caffe Moderne.

Brian and I aren’t supposed to be eating out for budget and nutritional reasons, but we had to make an exception because he wanted to see us off. Anyway, my meal was worth it on both counts.

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