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Posted on September 3, 2012 by under Food and Drink.    

2012-09-01 11.16.37.jpg

Brian and I met our friend Anthony at (in·gre·di·ent) for breakfast on Saturday morning. (in·gre·di·ent) boasts that they have the best breakfast in Leawood, Kansas.

2012-09-01 11.25.54.jpg

Here’s Brian reviewing the menu.

2012-09-01 11.17.37.jpg

Here’s a photo of Brian and Anthony.

2012-09-01 11.38.34.jpg

It was pretty much lunch time when we met, but I had to order breakfast because I had to see for myself if there was any substance to their claims.

2012-09-01 11.43.43.jpg

I got pancakes with chocolate chips, bananas, and whipped cream. I was a little disappointed that the chocolate chips were not in the pancakes, but it was still very good. Not as good as the pancakes at Succotash, but still high up there as pancakes go. Lucky for them Succotash is in Kansas City so, as far as I’m concerned, (in·gre·di·ent) still serves the best breakfast in Leawood. I’ve never had breakfast anywhere else in Leawood though, so that doesn’t really say much.

2012-09-01 11.40.14.jpg

Brian had the biscuits and gravy with country potatoes and then he ordered a side of egg a la carte because his meal didn’t come with it.

2012-09-01 11.39.27.jpg

Anthony got the salmon BST, which looks really yummy. It must be pretty good because that’s what he usually gets. I’m sure he wouldn’t keep ordering it otherwise.

2012-09-01 11.27.04.jpg

Besides serving good breakfast, (in·gre·di·ent) also has good happy hour specials.

2012-09-01 11.27.42.jpg

And you can take home a bottle of their raspberry basil vinaigrette for a mere $8.95.

2012-09-01 11.18.51.jpg

They also have a no tipping policy which reminds me of the all-inclusive resorts that we like to visit in Jamaica. Although, as high as some of their prices are, you won’t really have much money left over for gratuity. LOL.

2012-09-01 11.37.32.jpg

Brian said that his tiny bottle of Naked juice cost $5. Jeez.

Ingredient on Urbanspoon

I really liked (in·gre·di·ent) all things considered. I would go back to sample all of their other food offerings. Though, I’ve made a mental note not to get Naked juice next time because I could get a couple of those bottles at the grocery store for the price of one at the restaurant.

I’m going to stick to water next time. Unless, of course, it’s happy hour. Then all bets are off.

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