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Newport Grill

Posted on August 13, 2012 by under Food and Drink, Reviews.    

I thought Bonefish Grill’s happy hour was really good. Newport Grill’s happy hour specials are even better. You can never go wrong with $3 off starters and appetizers and $5 cocktails. Woot!

2012-08-10 13.17.09.jpg

Some coworkers and I ate at Newport Grill (at Bradley Fair) on Friday in celebration of Darcy’s 10th service anniversary. Her anniversary was actually last month, but July was really hectic so we couldn’t find a good day/time to get together until last week.

2012-08-10 13.18.40.jpg

It worked out for the best, though. It would have been too hot to sit out on the patio in July. We had a table close to the waterfall. Actually, Newport Grill has the best patio in town. There’s not a bad table out there. Anyway, the weather last Friday was awesome. The cool breeze and the sound of the waterfall made for a wonderfully relaxing anniversary celebration lunch.

2012-08-10 13.38.34.jpg

I got to try a couple of their starters: fried calamari (pictured above) and the warm olives and fresh ricotta served with sliced ciabatta bread (below).

2012-08-10 13.37.46.jpg

Both were very good.

2012-08-10 14.00.52.jpg

Amy and Isaac both had the grilled chicken sandwich. I only took one photo because their plates looked identical.

2012-08-10 14.01.49.jpg

Guest of honor Darcy had the lobster roll sandwich. I didn’t get a picture of Jan’s or Ginger’s meals. My phone takes too long so I’m never quick enough to get pictures of everyone’s food before they start digging in. I can usually only get pictures of plates that are easily within reach.

2012-08-10 14.02.24.jpg

I was trying to be good so I opted for a Caesar salad in place of the fries. I regretted it after though, because everyone’s fries looked so good and the salad was just okay. It was prettier than it tasted.

2012-08-10 14.03.02.jpg

Newport Grill on Urbanspoon

My crab cake sandwich was delicious, though. That had to be one of the best crab cakes I’d ever had. I guess Jan tried to order the same thing, but they brought her out the crab cake appetizer instead of the sandwich. I made sure to specify sandwich to our server because of the $2 difference. The sandwich is $13 and the appetizer is $15. It doesn’t make sense, but whatever. Oh, I also noted that it read crab cake rather than crab cakes (as it does at other restaurants) so I figured that you only get one. Call me cheap, but $15 for a single crab cake is expensive. No matter how good it is.

Then again, people don’t go to Newport Grill for cheap meals. You go because the seafood is fresh and the food is delicious. The fancy patio and wonderful outdoor ambiance is just an added bonus. It was also nice that the weather was on our side.

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