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The Busiest of Saturdays

Posted on July 3, 2012 by under Family, Life.    

2012-06-30 13.18.35.jpg

I’m so glad that we don’t have to work tomorrow because I could use a break. We were so busy last weekend that I actually had to drive myself around on Saturday. I took this photo while driving behind Brian on Kellogg. Don’t worry. Traffic was stopped. I wouldn’t mess with my phone while I’m driving. I know better.

Brian got up super early on Saturday to help his dad move some things to their storage unit. They wanted to beat the heat, but Brian also wanted to get done in time for racquetball. As for me, I had a date with one of my Zumba buddies and was due at Northwest YMCA for Mary Anne’s Zumba class at 9:30 AM. Even after I picked up my Scooter’s on the way, I still got there over a half an hour early. It worked out perfect though because I had to pay for my day pass and find my way around.

After the first Zumba class, I zoomed over to South YMCA for racquetball with the guys. Jay’s friend Jason, who we used to play poker with at Uncle Roy’s, was there so we got to play doubles. Jay and I made a great team and kicked butt. We played two games and won both. We finished the second game just in time for me to take Adriana’s Zumba class, which also happened to be at South YMCA. I didn’t have to drive anywhere since I was already there. It worked out great.

We had just enough time to meet mom at a house that we wanted to see after my second Zumba class. We were starving, but didn’t have time to stop for a bite. When we arrived at the house, Reuel and his wife Sonnie Jay were there. That was a nice surprise. They had just arrived that morning from Chicago and New York and Norway.

Reuel is my Norwegian cousin. He lives in Norway with his wife. They’re here in the US on holiday, or so the Europeans call it. Their first stop was New York. Now they’re in Kansas visiting us. Next up is either Vegas or San Francisco. They haven’t decided yet.

At Louie's with Sonnie Jay and Reuel

As luck would have it, none of them had eaten lunch yet either so we all ended up at Louie’s after we got done looking at the house. It was nice to sit down and catch up. After that, we had to run over to the Yoder Meats store at Central and Woodlawn to pick up some BBQ chicken for the cookout at mom and dad’s the next day. We had to pick up the meat on Saturday because YM is closed on Sundays.

As soon as we got home, we had to put the beers in a cooler full of ice so they would be chilled in time for Cory and April’s dinner party that night. In the meantime, Brian had to take off and run over to Jay and Becca’s to help them set up a pool that they purchased for their cookout/party on Sunday. Jay needed help getting it set up before we all had to be at Cory and April’s that night.

2012-06-30 17.32.35.jpg

I had a little bit of time to rest and enjoy my shower, which I deserved after along day of working out and running around. Brian got home with barely enough time to get a quick shower in. We arrived at the Phelpi’s late, but we weren’t the last ones at least. That honor belongs to Jay and Becca. LOL.

Cory and April were wonderful hosts. We had a great time on Saturday night. Thank you so much for having us over and feeding us all yummy fajitas! I ate way too much! I was trying to make up for all the calories I burned earlier in the day. Though I think I might have over-compensated.

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