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Sweet Granada in Emporia, Kansas

Posted on May 18, 2012 by under Food and Drink.    

2012-05-16 14.19.43.jpg


2012-05-16 14.15.10.jpg


2012-05-16 14.16.46.jpg

More tasty treats!

2012-05-16 14.22.35.jpg

Those chocolate covered pretzel sticks are super yummy!

2012-05-16 14.18.14.jpg

Also, I thought the chocolate numbers were a clever idea. Next time someone has a birthday, I’m putting chocolate numbers on the cake instead of candle numbers because you can at least eat the chocolate numbers. I guess you could eat the candles too, but they probably wouldn’t be very tasty.

2012-05-16 17.22.47.jpg

This is what I ended up taking home with me. I was amazed that I managed to refrain from buying everything in sight. I’m definitely stopping by Sweet Granada again next time I have a meeting in Emporia.

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