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El Cheapo Con Huevo

Posted on May 6, 2012 by under Food and Drink.    

Brian and I made El Cheapo for the first time this year. It’s a dish that we serve with steamed rice because of it’s salty flavor. Steamed rice balances it.

El Cheapo

I think it had been about a year since we made it last. We call it El Cheapo because it’s really cheap and easy to make. We just get some ground beef, season it with salt, pepper, and soy sauce, and add some peas and carrots, and we’ve got a meal. It’s super simple.

2012-05-04 18.24.22.jpg

This time around, Brian wanted to improvise. He decided that he wanted us to use ground pork, instead of the usual ground beef, and he wanted to serve a fried egg on top. Thus, the “Con Huevo” in the name of the dish. It actually turned out pretty well. Although, I still prefer it the traditional way with ground beef and no egg. Brian really likes the new variation, though. But then, he tries to add a fried egg to every meal.

Oh, and since I know how much Brian loves suka, I went ahead and added some Datu Puti to it while I was cooking it. What about you? What do you think we should change to make this dish better?

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