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A “Zumba Rangers” Style Road Trip

Posted on May 5, 2012 by under Events, Zumba.    


Driving three hours to attend a Zumba master class and then driving back three hours on the same day has got to be one of my craziest ideas yet. I initially wanted to spend the night and drive home the next day, but no one else was staying so Brian and I decided to do the same. I figured it would be better so I could still come to work the next day. As the day of the Gina & Tanya Rock the Stage event drew closer, I decided to go ahead and put in for a vacation day on the following Monday, April 30, anyway… Just in case I was too tired to make it to work the next day. I would rather have it pre-scheduled than have to call in for a vacation day that morning. However, I warned my coworkers ahead of time that if we arrived back in town at a decent time, got enough sleep, and felt good enough the next day that I would come in to work and cancel my vacation day. But, just in case I was worn out from the trip, my vacation day was already on the calendar a week ahead of time.

I’m so glad I had that vacation day scheduled for Monday because I really needed it. Even though we got back home around midnight or so, I didn’t end up going to bed until about two in the morning. Part of it was that I was still wired from the trip, but the other part was that Gina wouldn’t quit posting pictures. Every time I would get ready to close my laptop and go to bed, I would get a message from Facebook that said Gina posted some photos of me and I felt compelled to look at them. Every single time! Brian finally had to put his foot down and say, “You can look at those tomorrow!”

Without further ado, here are some of the photos… This next one is what got us dubbed “Zumba Rangers” by my friend Jay. Gina is supposedly the Fuchsia Ranger; I’m Teal Ranger; Hideki is Blue Ranger; Mandy is Lime Green Ranger; and Andrea is Magenta Ranger. Why? Because regular colors just won’t do.


Our first stop was Town Center Plaza in Leawood, Kansas. I wanted to hit the Lululemon store and sign up for the ambassador program so that I could get 15% off all my Lululemon gear. This has got to be one of the best perks of being a member of the Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN). The only down side is that only my clothes can be discounted. Items that are not for me (e.g. if I buy anything for Brian or anyone else) cannot be discounted. Blech.

You would think that they would have given us better deals for agreeing to do a Zumba demo inside the store. LOL.


This is a photo of the “Zumba Rangers” at La Bodega.


This photo, which was taken before the event, is courtesy of Patricia Thompson (Wheels). We color-coordinated so everyone is wearing teal.


Here are a few more photos that we took before the event.


It truly seemed like everyone in Wichita came to the Gina & Tanya “Rock the Stage” Zumba master class.


This is the photo that I’m using as my cover photo in Facebook right now.


While waiting to check in, our group got a photo taken with Zumba Jammer Amy Hayden. After check in, Andrea and I got a photo together.


Gina’s not in this one because she took the photo.


Me and Mandy. My caffeine high had worn off at this point.


My photo with Tanya Beardsley (left) and Gina Grant (right).


They’re our Zumba idols! This is our group photo with Gina and Tanya.


The Gina & Tanya “Rock the Stage” tour was super awesome. I’m so glad that Gina and Mandy talked me into going. I had a blast!

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