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My First Gen 3 QT Experience

Posted on May 4, 2012 by under Life.    

Brian made a wrong turn on the way back to the Dills place from Ziggy’s so we ended up taking a detour to the QT located at Hillside and Kellogg instead. It’s the first and only third generation QuikTrip in Wichita, or so I’m told. It’s quite impressive, actually. Here are some pictures…

2012-04-28 19.36.41.jpg

Besides the usual coffee bar, they have a tea bar and a frozen drink bar with all sorts of flavors. It’s quite overwhelming.

2012-04-28 19.39.24.jpg

Mark was training one of the employees to make various beverages so we got some free drinks out of it.

2012-04-28 19.38.44.jpg

Who knew QuikTrips could be so much fun?

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