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T-Shirt Destruction Party

Posted on April 22, 2012 by under Events, Projects.    

2012-04-14 15.36.28.jpgOnly a handful of people attended our first-ever t-shirt destruction party last weekend. (I blame the weather.) Those of us who came had a lot of fun, though. And even though, we only had three hours to unleash our creativity, most of us were quite productive. Gina Ann brought her vast collection of destroyed shirts and tanks for inspiration. She also went around and helped everyone get started or helped them when they were stuck.

I helped Lori create with her shirt, and made a workout tank for Justin and a halter for Karla. I think I also ended up making a couple of shirts for myself. Except, I was using some old volunteer shirts we had that no longer fit and they’re not quite as stretchy as the $4 shirts that you get at Michael’s. My advice would be to pick some stretchy shirts (jersey material works) from Goodwill or the DAV. You can probably get half a dozen shirts for $5. This way, you won’t feel so bad if you mess up. I wasn’t worried about the shirts I was cutting up because they were all freebies that either no longer fit or we weren’t wearing anyway. I’m not quite confident enough in my t-shirt destruction skills to cut up one of my Zumba stuff. LOL. I’ll get there eventually, though.

We’d been talking about having a t-shirt destruction party for quite some time now. I’m glad we finally had it because it was so much fun. I just wish Mother Nature would have cooperated a little bit. She’s kind of temperamental of late. Maybe we’ll do this again toward the end of summer or early fall. What do you guys think?

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