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Good Friday

Posted on April 7, 2012 by under Food and Drink, Poker.    

Good Friday was made even better by the fact that the Flying Stove parked its truck in Old Town just down the street from my work. We hadn’t had a chance to try the new menu yet, but enjoyed the last menu so much that we were dying for another taste.


I hadn’t paid much attention to the guy who takes the orders, but at the dining panel they other day the ladies were talking about how cute the order taker is. I told them I wouldn’t know, as we’ve only gone a couple of times and Brian ordered for us on both occasions. Natasha was like, “You need to order!”

Taking her advice, I paid closer attention to the guy in the window. Brian still did the ordering, as he always does, but I did check the guy out. I mean, a couple of dining experts can’t be wrong. Right? They know what’s yummy, food or otherwise.

2012-04-06 11.12.30.jpg

I snapped a photo, which doesn’t do him justice, while Jan placed her food order. I think he looks much better than this in person. Good job, ladies!

2012-04-06 11.32.06.jpg

Because I’m a little piglet who loves, loves, loves to eat, I had a fish taco in addition to eating half of Brian’s pork torta and most of the truffle fries. I couldn’t help it. The truffle fries were amazing!


The fish taco was good. It’s hard to see that there is fish in there, but there’s a small piece of tilapia filet under that pile of veggies. The pork torta was good too, but Brian and I both agreed that it’s nowhere near the calibre of the bahn mi sandwich they serve. They need to bring that other menu back because I liked everything on it. That Korean bulgogi was killer and the flavors of the bahn mi just erupts in your mouth. Their last menu was so delicious that it made me delirious from inside out, starting with my stomach. This new menu is just okay. Although, I have a feeling I might just change my mind if I order the steak plate next time. According to Nick, it’s really, really good.

Oh, we ran into Coley at the Flying Stove yesterday. I wasn’t going to mention it though, because he’s really private and doesn’t like to be tagged or mentioned. It’s just a small mention so I’m sure he won’t mind.

I did a solo Zumba workout (it was more like a practice session, actually) after work. I think I was mostly trying to make up for eating out (and pigging out) at lunch. I just couldn’t resist the Flying Stove, though.

I showered before going to poker, but didn’t bother to fix my hair or put on any makeup (which actually influenced my decision of not going to Suede later that night). Besides, it was 11 PM by the time we got done with poker and we normally leave the club before midnight because by then it’s too crowded for us. It wasn’t going to be worthwhile to drive there and only stay for a half hour. Although, had I known that it was Justin’s birthday outing, I probably would have gone anyway, despite having messy hair and no makeup.

Poker was fun. I didn’t win, but I outlasted everyone except for Cory, who actually made money last night. He won $200, after the four remaining players agreed to chop the prize. The big stack got $280 and everyone else got $200. It was a win-win solution as I don’t think any of them were interested in playing for another hour (or longer, if people are playing tight).

I was actually impressed that I lasted as long as I did considering that I had the smallest stack of all the people in our group every time we convened and checked one another’s status at break. I knew I was rusty too but poker is much like riding a bike, I guess. You never really forget. Though it might take a while to get your groove going. I don’t think I made any huge mistakes or bad plays. I just didn’t get any cards. My table was quite interesting, too. We had some really boisterous, animated people. That added an element of difficulty, but I’m sure the rest of the guys faced similar challenges at their respective tables.

After poker, we celebrated Cory’s victory at Buffalo Wild Wings. We were eating at midnight, which was not good, but we haven’t really hung out much with the Dills and Phelpi the last few months so it was well worth it. Last night reminded me so much of old times, except Brian is now much better looking than he was then. LOL.

Looking back at the fun-filled evening we had, I think that I probably ought to change the title. Good Friday was a great Friday! Thanks for the fun evening, April, Cory, Jay, and Becca!

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