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Our Quick Getaway

Posted on March 24, 2012 by under Movies, Travel.    


Brian and I recently returned from Jeff and cousin Tracy’s destination wedding. It was a quick (we arrived in Jamaica on Friday and we were back in Wichita by Tuesday night) but fun-filled trip. We didn’t really get to sleep in because our room faced East and there was no way to keep the sun out each morning as it rose. It was all good, though. We got plenty of naps in hammocks (there were several throughout the property) and at the beach (thus, the terrible case of sunburn).





What I liked best about the trip was being able to spend some quality time with Brian. We have both been so busy lately that we rarely got to spend quality time together. This trip allowed us to do that.

My favorite part of the day was in the evening when I read to Brian before bed. He’s currently reading Ender’s Game. I’m not a huge fan of science fiction novels but, the more I read to him, the more I got into the book also. Although, not enough to read it from the beginning. I’m a bit lazy and would rather just watch the movie.

I got curious about it one night so I looked at the book’s copyright information. The book was actually written in 1977, the year that I was born. “This book has been around for years,” I asked Brian. “Why are you just now reading it?” I can’t remember what he said, but I remember also asking him why there hasn’t been a movie made about the book. If the book is so good, surely someone would have bought the movie rights. He didn’t have the answer that night, but guess what. We found out yesterday that production has already begun and the movie is set to be released next year. How cool is that?! If I wait a few more months, I won’t have to read the book. LOL.

You never know if things are real or if it’s all just hype so I looked up Ender’s Game on IMDB. They had additional information about the movie, such as a list of the actors and their roles. Excitedly, I was like “Harrison Ford is going to be in it!” Brian was like, “He’s got to be playing Colonel Graff.” He guessed right. Other than Abigail Breslin who is playing Valentine and Ben Kingsley who is playing Mazer Rackham, I didn’t really recognize any of the other actors. It looks like they’re using older kids to play the characters, which I figured they would have to do. I was telling Brian about that. They always do that sort of thing in Hollywood. Heck, they had 30 year olds playing teenagers in 90210. =P

But I digress.. Brian and I had a blast with his mom and dad, Jeff, Tracy, and all of their friends on this recent trip to Jamaica. I feel like Brian and I really connected and we both got to meet some wonderful people. I will tell you guys more about our trip as time permits. In the meantime, enjoy the Shutterfly photo book I made of our trip photos below.

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