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I Forgive You

Posted on February 5, 2012 by under Family, Relationship, Travel.    

We headed to our hotel after having brunch at Oldwest Cafe. At the time, we had no idea that the hotel was just down the street from the restaurant so we had to rely on Max (our GPS) who wanted us to take the freeway. Max is prone to calling out turns and exits a little late and Brian is prone to driving over the speed limit so we ended up missing our exit. We missed a couple more exits which prompted me to say, “You know it’s okay to slow down if you’re not sure where you’re going.”

“I can’t hear her (referring to Max) when you’re talking!” Brian snapped at me.

Unfazed I replied, “I’m not upset with you for being grouchy at me because I know that you’re only mad at yourself.” The entire car erupted in laughter. Brian’s mom and dad got a kick out of it.

Brian was like, “That’s the problem with having an educated wife. The FUs tend to be lengthier.” LOL.

We did finally manage to find our way to the hotel. We realized later that Max was being a turd. We could have gotten from the restaurant to the hotel without having to hop on the freeway. Go figure.

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