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Stocking Up at Thai Binh

Posted on December 31, 2011 by under Shopping.    

2011-12-29 12.41.31.jpg

Another thing we did while on Christmas break was do some grocery shopping at the Asian supermarket. We needed to stock up on staples like rice and suka. We were almost out of Jasmin rice. We use Milagrosa. I know that brown rice is better for you nutritionally, but I can’t give up my white rice. I like to eat it with everything.

White rice is to me what Datu Puti suka is to Brian. He puts it on everything. So we stocked up on that too. We got four bottles, which should last us a while, as long as I can keep Brian from practically drinking the stuff. We also got some tocino and longonisa and some other stuff.

2011-12-29 12.23.14.jpg

Speaking of drinks, coconut juice was on sale so I got myself several cans.

2011-12-29 12.36.14.jpg

They also had whole papaya and large avocados at the store.

2011-12-29 12.29.59.jpg

I didn’t buy any though, because Brian doesn’t like that stuff. It would have been difficult for me to consume them before they spoiled and I don’t like wasting food.

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