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Bohemian Hippie Chic

Posted on December 21, 2011 by under Outfits.    

2011-12-18 17.18.37.jpg 2011-12-18 17.19.59.jpg

I put together this outfit using a smorgasbord of stuff. The long sleeved burnout shirt was one that I bought from the Amaze Boutique booth at Holiday Galleria. I got a little carried away and bought the same burnout shirt in black, gray and white also. I actually thought I bought a brown one, but must not have because I couldn’t find it in my closet when I was looking for something to wear under the crinkle dress. Brian said he actually likes the cream color, so I guess it worked out anyway.

Speaking of the dress, this is one that I had bought at Stephanie’s shopping party a few weeks ago. The Chic Street ladies came and brought their goods to Steph’s house so that we could have our own exclusive shopping experience. Brian actually hated this dress when he first saw it on the rack. He warmed up to it after I tried it on. I liked it a lot, specially since I don’t own anything else like it. I’m not quite sure what this style is called. I call it Bohemian. Brian calls it Hippie. Either way, I thought it went great with my old Colin Stuart lace-up riding boots that I got from Victoria’s Secret many, many years ago. My calves had gotten too fat for me to wear them, but I couldn’t give them away because they’re one of very few Italian made shoes that I own. That, and these are Brian’s absolute favorite boots out of all of the pairs I own. These were the boots that I wore to the Park City Poker Round Up in 2005 when I had a plaid school girl skirt on. I’m really glad that I decided to hang on to them because now they fit again!

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