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Employees Association Holiday Party

Posted on December 20, 2011 by under Events, Outfits.    

On Saturday I broke in another new pair of jeans. These are one of my new size 0s that I got from Express a few weeks ago. I had recently gotten them back from Quick Stitch, where I had them hemmed. It sucks to be short! Nothing ever fits exactly right.

2011-12-17 17.21.02.jpg 2011-12-17 17.22.12.jpg

The jeans were new, but the black drapey tank is actually old. I got it from Express a couple of years ago. It’s stretchy so it still fits. I think it just fit tighter before. I’m my standby for whenever I don’t know what else to wear.

I busted out my Classic Hardware retrolite cherry earrings and necklace because I thought the red and green combination looked festive. For those unfamiliar with retrolite, it’s made of poly-resin and is similar to the old bakelite jewelry from the 1920s. I take advantage of opportunities to wear my cherry retrolite stuff because I can never wear them to work. They are too funky for my usual conservative (read: boring) work attire.

For outerwear I busted out my old, red XS (trying to be festive) pea coat from Abercrombie & Fitch. It’s still in good shape for being at least seven years old. I’m so glad I didn’t get rid of it because it fits again!

I also wore the gray and black scarf that Jan gave me for my birthday. She got it from Carla’s Love It at Bradley Fair. It’s one of Jan’s favorite stores and I’ve still never been there. Maybe I will go check it out over Christmas vacation. They’ve got this coupon for $10 OFF that’s good until Saturday. Anyone want to go with me? Mom? Jenni? Jan?


Anyway, here are some of our pictures from Saturday night.


This is Jan’s friend Marla.


Jan with Tiffe and Patrice.


Amy and Tiffe.


Patrice, Marla, Jan and Tiffe.


Jan and Amy.


I thought it was funny that Amy tried to convince her husband Shawn that this was another “tacky sweater” party. He didn’t buy it, though. Although, there were several people wearing sweaters that would have qualified. LOL. I don’t think they thought their sweaters were “tacky” though, so don’t tell anyone I said anything. I’m sure they thought their attire was just really, really festive.


It was a packed house. They managed to squeeze several parties in that same night.


This was my first time at Mosley Street Melodrama.


I really enjoyed myself. Brian got a kick out of the local jokes.




I’m trying to talk Brian into getting us season passes because the 2012 line up looks really promising. I really want to see “The Dukes of Haysville or the Hazzards of Going Down South… of Wichita” and “East Side/West Side Story” and “The Bel-Aire Witch Project” and the other shows sound good too, actually. We get to save $20 each by getting season passes so it’s just like getting free admission for one show. You know how I am about deals! LOL.


I can’t believe I’d never been to Mosley Street Melodrama before! I’ve really been missing out! We need to get a group together for the next show!


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