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Negotiating for Win-Win

Posted on December 3, 2011 by under Events, Shopping.    

Last year a bunch of us wore ugly holiday sweaters to our department holiday party. This year we’re planning to do the same thing. I told Brian that we were getting him an ugly holiday sweater to wear because he wasn’t getting out of it this year like he did last year. Brian wanted to wear something nice to show off his new, svelte body so he adamantly refuses to don anything ugly.

Because I’m brilliant, I came up with a win-win proposal for both of us. I told him he could wear an ugly holiday sweater vest in lieu of a sweater. We could find one that buttons down the front, so he can easily take it off after photos. We can both arrive at my work function in appropriately festive (albeit ugly) attire, get our photos taken and then he can take his sweater vest off (because he is a kill joy) for the rest of the evening. He’s happy, and I’m happy.

So after the rate hearing (yes, I’m crazy and actually like attending these things) on Wednesday, I convinced Brian to swing by Walmart on the way home to go ugly holiday sweater shopping. There weren’t a lot of options. I actually don’t think they sell any festive holiday sweaters for guys. We did find a Christmas sweater rack in the ladies’ section. Brian found one that he was willing to wear (see below). He wanted to coordinate it with a nice gray dress shirt.

The only downside to the sweater vest is that he had to get it in a size small since he is so skinny now. I was like, “Can you find me an extra small? I refuse to wear the same size sweater as you.”

We searched and searched and couldn’t find any of the Christmas sweaters or vests in extra small. “What am I supposed to wear? Why don’t they have any extra smalls?!” I asked in frustration.

Brian replied, “I’m pretty sure they don’t expect anyone sexy to buy one of these.”

2011-11-30 21.09.30.jpg

We both busted up laughing. That’s Brian for you! After we regained our composure, I came up with another brilliant idea. I bought one of the holiday sweaters in a size small but, since it’s a little baggy (okay, so a lot baggy), I’m going to see if I can wear it as either a dress or a tunic. I’m pretty conservative so if it’s going to be too short as a dress, I’m just going to wear it as a tunic with either skinny jeans or jeggings.

I found a red bow belt at Express that I can wear with it so I can look like a present. LOL. I think Brian and I will look sufficiently festive on Friday. What do you guys think?

P.S. That’s a size small that he’s holding in the photo by the way. I can normally wear a size small, but their size small is ridiculously generous. This is more like a large. Who came up with this sizing anyway? Fernando Botero?

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