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Our Busy Saturday

Posted on November 20, 2011 by under Events, Movies, Outfits.    

Brian and I had a busy Saturday. I did Group Power and Zumba while Brian went to get a haircut and fight with the post office about my missing package. He was basically continuing the process that I had begun on Friday. LOL.

I left Zumba a few minutes early so that I could go home and shower before our 12:30 pm movie. I originally planned on showering and changing at the gym, but they were in the middle of locker room renovations. Anyway, I’m glad that we came home because someone from the post office came by and delivered my package. We wouldn’t have been home to receive it, otherwise.

2011-11-19 12.10.50.jpg

Brian and I were both starving, which is a really bad idea when you go to the movies because then you end up pigging out. Instead of sharing something, we both ended up ordering our own food. We did end up sharing with each other. Brian shared his bacon and cheese fries with me and I shared my egg rolls with him, but we ended up eating more than we should have. Brian decided that he would get a 32 oz beer. Not to be outdone, I figured that I would get a 32 oz drink also. I got this drink called The Dark Side. That is good stuff! LOL. Brian wouldn’t let me finish it, though.

2011-11-19 14.32.34.jpg

We live just a couple of minutes from the movie theater so drinking is not really an issue. However, I was already acting a little loopy so Brian had to pull the brakes. He didn’t want me to be sloshed because we had a fundraising event later that night. He has to admit though, he reaped the rewards of my inebriation right before our nap. 😉

2011-11-19 18.24.54.jpg

Brian wanted to wear a suit to the event, but I didn’t feel like wearing a dress so I talked him into a compromise. He got to keep the suit jacket, but had to wear jeans with it. Otherwise, we would have looked really silly together.

2011-11-19 18.25.51.jpg 2011-11-19 18.26.52.jpg

Here are photos of some of the people we saw at the event.

2011-11-19 20.14.29.jpg

Shirley and Tiffany. I know Shirley from Zumba and work with Tiffany. I didn’t recognize Shirley at first because she was all dressed up. The only time I ever see her is with her hair up in a pony tail and in workout clothes. LOL. What a small world!

2011-11-19 20.16.37.jpg

The Habbarts. Mike Habbart and I started together. We were both in the same training class almost a decade ago.

2011-11-19 20.17.17.jpg

Jennifer and her husband. Mel and her husband attended also, but I think they took off early. I didn’t get a chance to get their photo before they left.

2011-11-19 20.46.30.jpg

We also ran into Darrin, which was a pleasant surprise. We hadn’t seen him in ages. I think the last time we saw Darrin was at the I Bike Douglas thing last year. Maybe we saw him at Heroes. I don’t know. It has been forever, though.

2011-11-19 20.49.25.jpg

There were pros and cons to having the Lights on the Lake launch party at Abode. Being inside a warm building was a definite plus, but I really wish that we could have seen the light display. As it is, we’ll have to make a separate trip out there. Although, we live right by Heartspring so it’s not like we have to go very far.

I had to shower three times on Saturday, but it was worth it. I like being out and about and doing stuff. I think Brian had a good time also, but I think he mostly just liked showing off his sexy, new physique. LOL.

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