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The Agony of Defeat

Posted on September 25, 2011 by under Life.    

Brian and I went bowling at The Alley today. We got exactly 5 games within an hour and a half. As you know, we never just bowl for the sake of bowling. We always make a wager. This time we had $100 to spend “any way you like” at stake. I was pretty confident after the first game when I beat Brian 147 to 126. I figured this was going to be a piece of cake. He surprised me by kicking my ass on our second game, though. He bowled a 160 to my measly 139.

2011-09-25 18.34.37.jpg

After the second game, we were tied at 286 pins total. I knew then that Brian wasn’t going to make it easy. Anyway, I didn’t bowl as well as I normally do and ended up with a whole bunch of splits and a whole bunch of open frames. Although, I did pick up several splits. I lost track of how many. A couple of them were really tough ones. I got a baby split later in the came and, after all of the tough ones that I got earlier in the evening, I told Brian that it was going to be a piece of cake to pick it up. I got a spare, sure enough.

The scores for our third game were 147 to 142 in my favor. I was only up by 5 pins at this point. It was such a close and exciting game. Just the way I like it. I pulled ahead in the fourth game, 155 to 124. About halfway through the fourth game, a family showed up on the lane next to ours. Brian and I can get pretty competitive so I think they were amused. Brian explained that we had a wager. We were on the fifth game at this point and he was kicking my ass. The dad looked at me and said, “My money is on you.” LOL. I think part of it was that I was up about 30 pins after the last round and I look like a pro whenever I bowl. I’m a little biased, but I think I have pretty good form and good follow through (thanks to my dad, who taught me how to bowl properly). As opposed to Brian who has this unorthodox bowling style of lofting the ball almost halfway through the lane. He gets a lot of strikes for someone who bowls so sloppily, though. I guess it works.

I got pretty confident after the fourth game because of my lead. I was actually already thinking of how I would spend my $100. Brian got it in gear on the fifth game though. He got several strikes and was picking up his spares. He was really trying his best to make up the difference and appeared to be succeeding.

2011-09-25 19.28.56.jpg

I was really sweating it halfway through our last game because Brian was kicking butt and I was bowling a pretty mediocre, borderline sucky game. I guess that is what happens when you become complacent. He finished the fifth game with a score of 178 versus my 145. Our totals were 733 to 730. I got him by 3 pins! Our averages came out to 146.6 for me and 146.0 for Brian. He almost got me. It was a close game. I loved it!

2011-09-25 19.35.17.jpg

We played some arcade games afterwards. I kicked his ass some more at NBA Hoops. Then he was like, “Let’s go find a game I can beat you at.” LOL. So we played some Time Crisis. Of course he won. I suck at shooting games. We also played Guitar Hero. It was kind of expensive. It cost 4 tokens per person and it only let you play one song. We didn’t play any more of it because we figured we could just go home and play it for free.

Brian wanted to play the motorcycle game, but I wasn’t dressed for it (short skirt). We ended up playing Deal or No Deal and Skee-Ball instead. Mostly just for tickets. At the end of the evening, we didn’t have enough tickets for anything substantial but I did have enough to leave with some loot. I got a rubber bowling pin for me (which I’m going to have Brian draw a face on), a little gray rubber alien for Brian, a little notepad and a pencil. All in all, it was a fun night.

2011-09-25 20.09.03.jpg

P.S. I think I know what I’m going to spend my $100 on already. 😉

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