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Coolest Birthday Cake – EVER

Posted on August 21, 2011 by under Events.    

2011-08-20 20.49.39.jpg

We attended Carla’s birthday dinner last night at Bella Luna Cafe. Her birthday cake was really cool. It’s the coolest “grownup” birthday cake I’d ever seen. I say that because kids always have really neat birthday cakes, and adults have boring rectangular ones. Well, this one was rectangular but it was very creative. I liked all the details, including the label on the shoebox and the little chocolate shoes. The cake was yummy also.

2011-08-20 20.53.38.jpg

Not really part of the diet, but Brian and I made an exception. Besides, we didn’t each have a piece. We just shared one slice between the two of us. Though, I must confess, I ate three little chocolate shoes that night. And I also ate the mint chocolate stick that the restaurant gives you at the end of your meal. (Sorry, John!)

2011-08-20 21.45.13.jpg

Afterward, the rest of the group went to see Livy High at America’s Pub. Brian and I are not familiar with the band and I still owed him our anniversary movie, so we split with the group and went to see Crazy, Stupid, Love. It was actually pretty good. It starts out kind of slow, but the climax is really funny. It comes together really well at the end.

2011-08-20 21.43.24.jpg

P.S. I wore my shiny gray futuristic-looking Bebe dress last night. So we were a tad over-dressed for the movies. I was only in a denim skirt and my favorite white BR tank when Jenni and Anthony showed up last night. But, after seeing what Jenni was wearing, I figured I was under-dressed for dinner and should change. You know people say something, but their facial expression really tells a different story? She told me I didn’t have to change clothes, but the look on her face said I did. Thank God I was able to find a dress that fits! I also relished the opportunity to wear my WH|BM slingbacks that I’ve only worn twice since I’ve gotten it. The first time at Nick and Carmen’s wedding and then again at Richard and Amy’s wedding. I was lame and wore the same outfit to both weddings. =P Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve worn that WH|BM dress since then. I hope it still fits!

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