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Our 9th Wedding Anniversary

Posted on August 11, 2011 by under Life, Things to Do.    

Some couples celebrate their wedding anniversary by going away for the weekend. Not us. We’re taking a two-day investing seminar at Century II on Friday and Saturday. LOL. What nerds, right?

The plan for tomorrow night is to take Brian to Walt’s Sports Bar & Grill, the place where we met for the first time. Anyway, we’re not supposed to be eating out so I think we will just split something. We’re mostly just going for the sake of nostalgia. After that we’re going to go play poker, something that we are going to try to work back into our regular Friday schedule/rotation.

Brian made reservations at Ya Ya’s on Saturday night. That’s going to be our actual anniversary dinner. They’re supposed to have live music that night, but I’m not sure who is playing. I think we’re going to see Crazy, Stupid, Love afterward. Brian really wants to see Captain America or Cowboys and Aliens, but who wants to watch an action flick for their anniversary movie? LOL.

Brian was a little upset that I wouldn’t cancel my personal training appointment this weekend so that we could have our couples massage. But I won’t be able to exercise on Friday or Saturday. I didn’t want to miss three days in a row. I have to workout on Sunday! I told him that John Wilborn is going to out of town at the end of the month to celebrate his own wedding anniversary so we could do our couples massage then. It’s kind of sad that my workout schedule is taking precedence over my anniversary weekend, but I think this schedule works out way better. I may whine a lot during my personal training sessions, but I take my workouts seriously. =P

Finally, we’re going to go see The Script when they play at Hartman Arena next month. I’m super excited about that. So glad Brian agreed to take me. So I guess that’s it. That’s how we’re celebrating our wedding anniversary this year. Pretty low key, but the East Coast trip last month was pretty expensive and we’re still recovering from it.

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