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Gavin’s Very Own Playground

Posted on August 7, 2011 by under Babies, Life.    

Finally got to see the swing set that Cory and April bought for Gavin. They got a really good deal on it. I think it was regularly $500-$600 and they got it for less than $200 on closeout. April is the queen of deals.

Feifel helped Cory put it together last weekend. Brian couldn’t help because it was a very busy weekend for us. He had a massage appointment, errands, Carolyn’s birthday party at Gina and Coley’s, dinner with everyone at PCP (since the Dill’s were moving back to the East Coast – they are there now), and he still hadn’t packed for his trip.

When we were at dinner Jay was actually proud of Brian for not being packed yet, despite the fact that he was leaving in a few hours. Of course, Brian was only going to be gone for three days. We are known for packing one to two weeks in advance of our trips, though. Packing only hours before departure is actually pretty uncharacteristic of Brian.

Anyway, Brian felt bad that he couldn’t help. Although, I think he is secretly relieved that he had stuff going on and was able to get out of it because it was a ten-hour project. Who knew building these things could be complicated? No wonder they are typically left behind when people sell their house and move. LOL.

We had fun at Gavin’s birthday. I think the three glasses of sangria helped. Kidding aside, I thought the inflatable water slide was a brilliant idea.

At least the bigger kids seemed to get a kick out of it. Gavin was afraid to go down the slide, but seemed to have fun regardless. Ethan was crying most of the time. You can hear him in the video. Must have been the heat. I think he was happier once he was inside the house.

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