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The Day Brian and I First Met

Posted on August 5, 2011 by under Life.    

Dining at Walt’s the other day brought back memories of the day that Brian and I first met. It was April 17, 1999 and I was dating this guy name Jason. A couple of his coworkers got promoted and so their group decided to meet at Walt’s to celebrate. He took me with him.

I met Brian, who was one of Jason’s coworkers, that night. I don’t remember what he was wearing because he was already there and seated when Jason and I arrived. The one thing I remember is that he had so much facial hair that you could barely see his face. He had long hair that he wore in a pony tail and was wearing a baseball cap. I think it was the one with some kind of leprechaun figure on it, which is one that he used to wear all the time when we first got together.

I was wearing my red plaid pants (I think they were little girls’ pants actually – LOL – because I used to be able to wear size 12 or 14 girls clothes back then; regular pants were too long on me) and my gray Guess fitted shirt. I had a long bob, just above my shoulders and I used to wear green colored contacts. I don’t think Brian remembers this much detail about our first meeting actually. I have better memory than he does. 😉

If you ask Brian, the one thing that he does remember from that night is my response to him when he asked me about my web site. I guess I said something like, “It’s not a porn site.” I was already blogging back then and had my web site at It’s not there anymore, but this is what the old blog/web site used to look like. Anyway, I guess he got teased a lot because of my response. His coworkers were like, “She just met you and she’s already got you pegged.” LOL.

He must have gone to my web site because he sent me an email asking me out a couple of weeks later. Naturally, I declined because I was dating his coworker. We became friends and corresponded by email on and off. He was a terrible speller, but he was funny and I looked forward to our correspondence. We talked on the phone a few times, but didn’t really start hanging out until after I got dumped by coworker.

I think it was July when Brian and I started hanging out. We officially became boyfriend-girlfriend around October that same year. By December-January, I had moved in. After living together for a year, we bought our first house. Our closing date was April 13, 2001, which serendipitously happens to be almost two years after our chance meeting at Walt’s. We got engaged in May 2001, two weeks after moving in to our house, and then were married a year and a half later on August 10, 2002, which also happens to be approximately three years after we officially became a couple.

So there you have it. The short version (maybe not so short for you, but this is short as my stories go) of how Brian and I got together. There’s more to the story, but I didn’t want to bore you all with every single detail. Anyway, the moral of this story is that your rebound guy can be your life partner. Brian and I are living proof of this.

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