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First Time at Nilla’s

Posted on July 30, 2011 by under Poker.    

So we checked out Nilla’s after Press last week, but we didn’t really play because it’s mostly cash games late in the evening. We did come back last night and play. After a couple of years of not playing poker, I was very, very rusty. I played terrible. I was actually the first one out of the tournament from our group. Bobby was out shortly after me. The sad thing is that he outlasted me even though I had at least twice as much chips as he did. He was severely short stacked. Brian was out shortly after Bobby. Darcy was in the tournament a while, but then eventually got bored and gave her chips away. LOL. Jonathan took 7th, which paid out $30, so he got his money back and then some. April outlasted everyone and made $300.

Brian and I didn’t make any money and got accused of being unfair to the world by choosing not to have our beautiful babies but, all in all, it was a good night.

Here are some pictures…

2011-07-29 22.28.21.jpg

Darcy and Bobby

2011-07-29 22.32.44.jpg

Brian and Iaonnis

2011-07-29 22.42.09.jpg

Brian and Ching

2011-07-29 22.07.04.jpg 2011-07-29 22.06.34.jpg

Ching and Iaonnis

2011-07-29 21.40.03.jpg

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