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Anthony is my Favorite Opponent on Wordfeud

Posted on June 4, 2011 by under Games.    

My sister introduced me to this word game for your phone a couple of weeks ago. I loved playing Scrabble as a kid so I was immediately hooked.

Shortly after we started playing someone named Surazal invited me to a game. I declined because I didn’t know who they were.

After Jenni told me it was a friend of hers from Kansas City, I felt better about playing with someone unfamiliar to me. I actually sent him an invitation to play. We’ve played a few times since then and he is, by far, my favorite opponent on Wordfeud.

With others, it might take an entire week (or more) to play one game. With Anthony, we could probably complete an entire game in one day if I didn’t limit my playing to morning, lunch and after work. I think he can complete multiple games in one day with one opponent if the other person could match his pace.

Like me, he is also up early on weekends. Last Saturday, we were playing back and forth pretty fast around 7 AM. I was surprised that anyone was up that early (I’m usually the only one I know who wakes up before 7 AM on weekends), let alone before me. He said he’d been up since 5 AM. We were playing words pretty quickly back and forth. As soon as I played a word, he would play another. It led me to think, at this pace, we might as well be sitting across from each other playing. Except, I was sitting in the toilet for part of that game so that might not have been a good idea. LOL.

Anyway, I really enjoy Wordfeud because now I can finally play a Scrabble-type game with someone. I found a chess game, Chess Buddies, for my phone that works a similar way. I really want to play, but Brian won’t play with me and I don’t know anyone else who has it. I asked Anthony the other day if he knew how to play chess. He said he did, but it’s been a while. I hope he gets Chess Buddies so I’ll have someone to play chess with. Finally.

Jenni came to my work yesterday to pick up some materials for the Riverfest volunteer work she’s doing. While we were sitting there eating lunch, she told me that Anthony mentioned to her that I asked him to play chess. I guess I could have asked Jenni too. She knows how to play. Not sure why I haven’t. Here’s how their conversation went (from what Jenni shared with me):

ANTHONY: Your sister asked me to play chess.

JENNI: It’s probably because she thinks you are smart enough to play chess with her.

ANTHONY: I think it’s because I kick her ass too much at Wordfeud and she really wants to win.

Gee, thanks! Incidentally, I won our last game. Barely. But a win is a win. It was probably the closest game I’d ever played. I think I had 411 points, but lost 3 points when he played his last tile. We finished the game at 408-407 in my favor. Go me!

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