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Easter with the Brubakers

Posted on April 24, 2011 by under Family.    


We had Easter lunch at Cherry Creek today. Everyone agreed it would be easier on Grandma and Grandpa if we just brought Easter to them. I think it worked out great. Here are some of the photos we took…

2011-04-24 13.14.21.jpg

Kevin and Kasey


I am so grateful to Kasey for bringing Kevin back into the family.


Kasey and Kendra


Chad and Grandma


Kevin, David and Brian


Feifel, Brian, Kevin and Chad


Feifel and Ethan


Kevin and Grandpa


Kasey and Donna



The next series of photos are just me playing with the front LCD and self-portrait feature of the new camera (because I’m a nerd with a new toy).





Yeah… I got a little carried away.


This last picture taken while Brian and I were waiting for everyone else to arrive. We figured that we’d get there early to help unload and set up lunch. Either way, we’d have gotten there early. We’re just quirky that way. I can’t even describe us as punctual because we are always super early to everything.

You know how people try to be on time to stuff, otherwise they’ll be late? Well, we are the opposite. I always try to make us on time for stuff because we’ll be too early otherwise. If it were up to Brian, he’d be an hour early to everything. I actually have to make an effort to stall us so we are actually on time and not early. Is there a word for that? Punctual doesn’t quite fit. LOL.

Anyway, we had a great time at lunch. I hope everyone else did too!

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