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Jay and Becca’s First Bridal Show

Posted on April 12, 2011 by under Events.    

2011-04-10 09.34.19.jpg

Jay takes on the world. Well, maybe just a bridal show.

2011-04-10 09.45.42.jpg

Jay and Becca needed help transporting their stuff (boxes upon boxes of brochures and other marketing materials) to the Hyatt for the bridal show on Sunday so helped by loading the cargo on the bed of the Flip and Ching mobile.

2011-04-10 10.04.37.jpg

I tracked down a flatbed cart for us so that we didn’t have to make several trips back and forth between the ballroom and the truck. I was feeling pretty pleased with myself so I told Jay that I bet when they asked us to help they didn’t realize they were getting not just “brawns” but brains too. Brian being the “brawns” and me being the brains. LOL. That turned out to be the quote of the day. Jay kept making fun of me the rest of the time for saying “brawns.”

Oh, the irony! Imagine the supposed brains of the operation speaking broken English. Then again, I’m foreign so I have an excuse. What’s yours? LOL.

2011-04-10 10.09.27.jpg

2011-04-10 10.13.26.jpg

Setting up the booth was actually a lot of fun.

2011-04-10 10.15.57.jpg

2011-04-10 10.32.49.jpg

The boxes and the brochures ended up getting lint all over the black tablecloth so I had another brilliant idea and got a couple of lint mitts from the concierge desk.

We used them to de-lint the table. And here you thought all I did was take pictures. I helped too. 🙂

2011-04-10 10.47.58.jpg

Check out the finished product. Great booth, right?

2011-04-10 10.48.36.jpg

Here’s Jay, the proud papa of a bouncing, baby booth. I love documenting firsts. When the Travel Junkie takes off, we’re going to look upon this day in history and we will remember — Ching blogged it. LOL.

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    Flip  on April 12, 2011

    We were picking on you because it sounded like you were saying Bronze.

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