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Jay’s Birthday

Posted on April 11, 2011 by under Events.    

2011-04-09 18.16.29.jpg

We had a great time celebrating Jay’s birthday at the Phelpi’s the other day. Here are some photo highlights…

2011-04-09 18.21.42.jpg

Ronnie and Jay playing Ladder Golf

2011-04-09 18.36.03.jpg

Jay and his birthday mug

2011-04-09 19.20.53.jpg

Brian loved Ashlee’s shirt. It reads, “I’m not SHORT. I’m FUN-SIZED!” Ironically, I think that little girl is actually taller than me. I need that shirt! LOL.

2011-04-09 19.30.43.jpg

Jay’s birthday cake

2011-04-09 19.31.13.jpg

2011-04-09 19.31.57.jpg

She’s a cutie!

2011-04-09 19.33.48.jpg

Ashlee and Ashton with Addison

2011-04-09 19.35.32.jpg

Jay wanted to eat his head.

2011-04-09 19.34.54.jpg

Ronnie, April and Jay

2011-04-09 19.39.44.jpg

Brian and I didn’t drink until after he delivered the Germans and the Passat at the Hyatt safely. I picked him up at the hotel and we returned to the party. Several people had already left by then, but the party was just getting started for us.

Brian and I didn’t fare well at poker, but I kicked butt at Tekken. LOL. I think at one point I had a 10-game winning streak. The guys couldn’t beat me and my Christie Montero. 😉

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