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Yet Another Zumba Addict

Posted on April 10, 2011 by under Health, Zumba.    

2011-04-09 11.16.26.jpg

I’m not the only one addicted to Zumba fitness gear. Check out Tony in his new Zumba sneakers and cargo pants! Very cool, no?

2011-04-09 10.17.28.jpg

We had a great workout in Gina Ann’s class yesterday. Brian and I got there late because I have to come from Andover YMCA, where my regular Saturday morning step class is held. I usually miss the the warmup. Even with missing the warmup, I still managed 6375 steps. My CardioTrainer app figured that the 54-minute workout was equivalent to 3.96 miles. Add that to the 3.56 miles from my step class and I burned about 900 calories in one day. That’s not even counting the calories I burned playing Ladder Golf and kicking everyone’s butt at Tekken later that day. LOL.

2011-04-10 14.02.08.jpg

BTW, speaking of steps… I hit a new record high today for Zumba. At the end of Amy’s class, my CardioTrainer app recorded over 8800 steps and figured that my workout was equivalent to 5.5 miles. Wow! It must have been all the booty shaking that we did (I had my phone in my back pocket). 🙂

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