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My Great Saturday

Posted on April 3, 2011 by under Events.    

I didn’t get to bowl my 300 like I hoped, but I did have a great time at the Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl for Kids’ Sake event yesterday.


This is Carmen, our team captain, with her husband Nick.


We had a bit of miscommunication. I didn’t want Brian to bowl because he refuses to raise money. When we got there, I found out that Carmen had put Brian on the roster. It was originally going to be the five of us — Nick, Carmen, Travis, Joni and me. I think Carmen put Brian in place of Nick because she didn’t think Nick would be able to make it that weekend (due to Wolf Creek).


I was thinking after the fact, that I could have just given Brian some of my pledges. I had two pledge sheets filled out (besides online pledges). Surely, that was enough fundraising for two people at least. Brian didn’t bring his ball, though. Oh, well. I think next year he’ll just have to suck it up and actually try to raise money.

Speaking of raising money… I had the honor of being the top fundraiser this year. Go me! And to think I didn’t even get pledges from my in-laws and other usual victims. Err, I meant donors. I just ran out of time. I didn’t really start actively asking for pledges until the week of the event. What helped me was that I brought my BFKS pledge sheet to the Public Affairs and Consumer Services (PACS) meeting on Thursday. That’s where I collected most of the donations and pledges. Heartfelt thanks go out to the officers — Peggy, Jim, Doug and Jerl. Mark Ruelle was the only officer present who alluded me. I find him intimidating so I wasn’t sure how to approach him and ask for a pledge. I think Doug is intimidating too, but I was able to hit him up for a donation when he came by to say hi to Darcy and me. By the time I got the courage to ask Mark to sponsor me (toward the end of the day), he had already left. I’ll get him next year. 😉

By the way, our boss Terry is the best. He sponsored Carmen, Joni and me for our BFKS event. I’m sure he’s sponsored quite a few others because they recently had BFKS in Topeka also. He is a philanthropic icon and my idol. I want to be just like him when I grow up.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who donated or made a pledge to donate. There are too many of you to list, but I could not have made top fundraiser without all of your help. More importantly, all of these funds benefit the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Sedgwick County. So the money we’ve raised goes right back to helping our community.


This is a picture of me with Jim Ludwig, Executive VP (PACS). He is probably the coolest, most down to Earth officer ever. Brian and I both think he is awesome. If he ran for president of the US tomorrow, I’d probably vote for him (regardless of his platform or the other candidates). He is just an all-around great guy.


Alright. I have to share this photo because it is just super cute. Layla kept feeding Joni pizza yesterday afternoon and had so much fun doing it. I’m glad Brian was able to capture a picture of it. There are more BFKS 2011 pictures on my Flickr if you guys want to check them out.

2011-04-02 20.30.17.jpg

After bowling, Brian took a short nap before we headed over to Uncle Roy’s shop for the 6th Annual Hull Invitational. Of course, defending champion Roy ended up being champion again. He had to go through the losers bracket to do it this time, though. Click here for more pictures from the ping pong tournament. But stay tuned for a separate blog post about this because I have more to say. =P

2011-04-02 21.03.16.jpg

After the ping pong tournament, we hopped on over to Lizards Lounge to meet my sister. I’d never been there before. I’d also never heard any of the bands that played before. I really liked Surphace. Except, we couldn’t stay because it was getting so late. I was running on only five hours of sleep (probably part of the reason I didn’t get to bowl a 300 game) and I didn’t get a nap in the afternoon like Brian did. I was getting really sleepy. I have more to say about my Lizards Lounge experience too so stay tuned for that as well.

For now, I have to get ready for another big day. It’s Amie’s first day back teaching after her surgery. I’m really looking forward to seeing her. I even made a special shirt. Catch you all later!


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