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Dinner at Il Vicino

Posted on March 20, 2011 by under Family, Things to Do.    

Brian took a picture of me while I was getting ready for dinner yesterday. There are several things wrong with this picture. For instance, my arm pits look extremely hairy. However, it’s been a really long time since I’ve been able to wear a cami so I’d say we’re making progress and just leave it at that.

Jen Tevs was a great sport. She decided to take one for the team and get there way early to make sure that we got a table. Brian and I didn’t want her to wait by herself so we decided to go early ourselves. Since we just live down the street from the restaurant, it wasn’t too much trouble.

2011-03-19 18.52.26.jpg

We were just hanging out a home (Brian was playing a video game and I was drinking a Woodchuck), killing time. Brian was also starving so he wasn’t averse to the idea of getting there early.

2011-03-19 18.51.54.jpg

I’m glad we got there early to secure a table because the Bradley Fair Il Vicino was busy that night. The line was out the door.

Fwd: no subject

Jen and I took some photos while waiting for Jenni, Maryland and mom to show up.

2011-03-19 19.11.46.jpg

I was amazed that everyone showed up on time!

2011-03-19 19.19.30.jpg

The pumps I’d given to Jenni a long time looked great with her outfit. They were brand new when I gave them to her because I’d gotten them too small. I usually have to drop a half size when I wear heels that are 3 or more inches. I think these had 4″ heels, so I got them in 5.5 (instead of my usual size 6). Wore them around the house and decided they were too tight. I really didn’t want to part with them, but I don’t really like to hassle with returning stuff online. Besides, I knew they’d be perfect for Jenni. She says she still needs to break them in. She must not wear them that often. They looked fantastic on.

2011-03-19 19.11.18.jpg

Incidentally, she was also wearing an old hounds tooth mini skirt that I’d given her. I can’t imagine that I was ever that tiny. Oh, how I long for those days to return.

2011-03-19 19.02.32.jpg

When everyone got up to order food, I stayed behind to hold our table. Jen Tevs let me play with her color Nook. It’s really neat!

2011-03-19 19.03.21.jpg

I love that you can browse the internet with it. I think it’s only a matter of time before these multifunction e-readers and tablets render netbooks completely obsolete.

Anyway, we had a good time at dinner. Thanks for the invite Jen Tevs! We’ll need to do this again soon. Or better yet, we could make it a regular monthly thing. Except, we’ll have to try a different place each time. What do you guys think?

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