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We Continued to “Party Hearty” on Sunday

Posted on March 7, 2011 by under Health, Zumba.    

Because one Zumbathon just wasn’t enough… I attended the Zumbathon at West Central Genesis also. This time around, I got to stay for the full two hours.


Brian and I picked up Misty and the three of us arrived at the venue early so we were able to take “before” photos.


Here’s a photo of me with the two hottest Zumba instructors!

2011-03-06 12.52.45.jpg

Brian and Gina Ann…


Misty and I with Sharelle and Karla.


Take 2, with Gina Ann.


Gina cracks me up because she’s always posing. LOL!


Jill, Gina Ann and Amie — pre-workout instructor huddle!


Group photo time! Poor Brian had to take half a dozen photos because everyone gave him their cameras. It was one photo after another after another after another.

2011-03-06 13.00.41.jpg

I snapped a quick picture of Amie while we were waiting for Brian to take the next shot… Since he had to take so many and all.


Me and Hai at the halfway point.


We were a sweaty bunch!


Snack time!


I won some stuff!


Stephanie and me, right before we began the second half of the Zumbathon.


Our “after” group photo… What a great bunch of folks!


Maryland, Misty and me, at the very end…

2011-03-06 15.01.07.jpg

It was a great turn out. I loved seeing all the red. Looking forward to the next Zumbathon! Sign me up!

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  • Replies to "We Continued to “Party Hearty” on Sunday"


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    Jennifer Cannady  on March 30, 2011

    Wow, Ching! You’re really dropping weight. Looks fantastic!


    Ching  on March 30, 2011

    Thanks, Jen!!!

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