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My Saturday – How Was Yours?

Posted on March 6, 2011 by under Health, Life.    


Brian was a good sport and went to the Party Hearty Zumbathon at Genesis East Central with me. Did I mention that he is the best Zumba hubby ever?

We were a little late to the Zumbathon because I insisted on going to Jenni’s 9 AM step class in Andover. It’s my absolute favorite group fitness class of all. So we arrived late and had to leave early too because of our dental appointment.

I wish we could have stuck around for the rest of the fun. Oh, well. We get to do it all over again today at Genesis West Central, so no biggie.

I wanted to stay for a couple more songs, but Brian just has to be early to everything. We arrived at the dental office 15 minutes early. Blech.

2011-03-05 11.48.47.jpg

Above is a photo of Brian in the waiting lounge. Below is a photo of him in “the chair.”

2011-03-05 12.09.17.jpg

We had a lot of fun with the dental hygienist, April.

2011-03-05 13.00.15.jpg

I think we were her craziest patients of the day. Hopefully, the most entertaining also. I don’t know why people don’t like going to the dentist. It is so much fun!

2011-03-05 13.11.47.jpg

This is Brian waiting in the corner when it was my turn in “the chair.” BTW, just between us (and the rest of the interweb), I think Brian was a little disappointed that his hot dentist Dr. Begnoche was off yesterday. Don’t get me wrong. Dr. Pierson is handsome too — but Dr. Begnoche “third degree burns” hot.

2011-03-05 14.49.57.jpg

We had to swing by the leasing office to pick up my floral delivery on the way home. Brian was a little jealous at first, until he realized it was just from my boss. I guess he thought it was from one of my lovers or something. 😉

We had to come home and wash our clothes so we could wear them again today. I really wished that I’d have bought two of those Go Red AHA Party Hearty tank tops so I wouldn’t have to rush home and wash mine. I needed to give it enough time to air dry. Brian’s red shirt was fine in the dryer, but I didn’t want mine to shrink.

We barely had enough time to run errands (picked up a bottle of Datu Puti for Chad, since he liked it the last time he was over) and didn’t even have time to pick up the house before the Dills arrived. We didn’t have time to make anything so we just picked up some Papa Murphy’s. I tried their Chicken Bacon Artichoke pizza for the first time yesterday and really liked it.

2011-03-05 19.48.01.jpg

We had several bottles of wine to go through and the pressure was on.

2011-03-05 20.19.46.jpg

No, this is not Jay’s mukhasim face. We didn’t make him drink some of the Datu Puti. Although, that would have been really funny to see. Asking him to drink one of the wines achieved the same result.

2011-03-05 20.09.12.jpg

I bet he was wishing that he picked a different bottle moments earlier.

2011-03-05 20.10.51.jpg

Chad and Becca posed for a picture.

2011-03-05 20.26.47.jpg

Before we started Machete, we were already three bottles in. That was probably a good thing because I don’t know of anyone who could have watched that movie sober. That’s two hours of my life that I’ll never be able to reclaim. LOL.

3 down!

At the end of the evening, we wiped out about six bottles. Brian really liked the Hob Nob wine that Jay brought. Chad brought a Beringer moscato that I didn’t get to try, but he said that it tasted a lot like the Barefoot moscato that I’d been drinking.

We’d drank so much wine that by midnight, we were all really sleepy. LOL. After Chad and the Dills left, Brian and I realized how drunk we were and both agreed that we were glad we were already home. All we had to do was negotiate the stairs and make it to bed. So glad we didn’t have to drive anywhere!

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