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Some Highlights from this Weekend

Posted on February 20, 2011 by under Life.    

So I started out the weekend by making Brian go over material from a stress management training class that I had attended during the week. I’m sick, I know. Hey, I thought it was really helpful so I was eager to share it with him. Not that he needed it. Brian is a cool cucumber. I think everything we learned in that class, he already practices. With the exception of video games, which apparently should be a “Quadrant IV” activity but Brian uses it as a stress reliever.

2011-02-18 18.18.29.jpg

2011-02-18 18.24.53.jpg

Brian was a good sport and did the activities in the handout with me. It was really neat to compare our answers. Yes, we are nerds who like to do activities like this on a Friday night. We have a lot of sex, but we have times when we do stuff like this too. Our definition of quality time may not be the same as yours, so don’t be so judgmental. LOL. We are nerds who happen to embrace being nerdy.

2011-02-18 19.34.37.jpg

This is Brian checking Netflix, while I was getting ready. Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention that we went to check out BOSSA Grill on Friday night. It was just okay. It’s not likely that we’ll be back.

2011-02-18 21.12.25.jpg

2011-02-18 21.28.27.jpg

Suede was a lot of fun, as always. Karla came for the salsa lesson, so Brian and I decided to come earlier and check it out too. We also saw Tita Tessie, Tito Don, Tita Emmy and Tito Tex. They were at the “Dancing with the Stars” thing at Heroes earlier that night and then came to Suede afterward.

2011-02-18 21.51.16.jpg

Tita Emmy and Tito Tex looked great on the dance floor.

2011-02-18 21.24.24.jpg

Here’s a picture of Brian dancing with Karla.

2011-02-18 21.52.16.jpg

Our friend Rene, dancing with Karla.

2011-02-18 21.54.56.jpg

2011-02-18 21.53.40.jpg

He is a dancing fiend. LOL.

We left Suede pretty early on Friday because we were there a couple of hours earlier than usual. That didn’t mean we went to bed early, though. We still managed to stay up until at least 2 AM.

The next morning, Becca joined me in step class. She got there early and even had my step ready. I could get used to that! LOL. Thanks, Becca! She told me that she was worried that I wasn’t going to make since she noticed we were up so late the night before. I told her that Jenni’s Saturday step class is one that I don’t miss, even if I only have four hours of sleep. It’s my most favorite class of all!

2011-02-19 18.13.42.jpg

We went to Jeff and Stacy’s for a sushi party on Saturday. We got to meet some new people, who it turns out know people we know as well. It’s such a small world.

We had a jolly good time at the sushi party and were there pretty late. We learned a lot, though. I think Brian and I are going to stop by Bed Bath and Beyond next weekend to pick up some sushi-making stuff and try our hand at it.

Today, we spent the afternoon at the Feifel’s for Ethan’s first birthday. He is so cute!

Anyway, Jay and Becca are here now so I’m going to wrap this up. Until next time!

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