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Best Valentine’s Weekend Ever

Posted on February 19, 2011 by under Travel.    

It’s been a busy week so, other than posting some pictures here and there, I haven’t really had a chance to tell you guys much about our Valentine’s weekend in Lawrence. Usually, we just stay in town. We’ll have a nice dinner somewhere and maybe go out dancing and then come home for some crazy, monkey sex. We wanted to do something special this year, though… Not that shagging like animals isn’t special, because it is… But we did want to try something different. Plus, I had promised Brian last fall that I would take him to The Oread for Valentine’s Day.

This year we decided to spend the day in Lawrence. We splurged by getting a couples massage at the hotel spa and eating lots and lots of food. Our first stop was Wa Restaurant at my coworker Lance’s recommendation. We really wanted to eat at Teller’s because Jennifer (Jacobs, Vic’s Jen) spoke so highly of it. They had a very long wait on Sunday, though. I think everyone and their uncle decided to go there for brunch/lunch that day.

Since we were on a tight schedule (didn’t want to miss our spa appointment), we decided to simply move on. There are so many food options on Mass Street, it’s mind boggling. That’s how we ended up at Wa (which is conveniently located down the street from Teller’s) for lunch. It worked out well because it was on our list of places to check out, anyway. So we basically were able to cross it off the list right at the start.

After lunch and our massage appointment, we went back to our room to relax for a bit before dinner. Well, we had to play in the tub first because it looked really cool. Some relaxing went on… But not much because we had a 6:30 PM dinner reservation at 715. Brian made the dinner reservation for us. Had I made it, I would have scheduled it for 7:15 PM. [Dinner reservations at 7:15 at 715. Get it? I’m a nerd, I know. =P]

Anyway, dinner was great (as you’ve probably read in the food blog). I can’t wait to return! Not just because I’m working toward a free t-shirt either.

After dinner we walked along Mass Street for a bit before returning to the hotel. It was Brian’s first time there so I wanted to show him around.

2011-02-13 20.09.58.jpg

2011-02-13 20.13.43.jpg

We had some drinks at Bird Dog before checking out the terraces. The 2nd floor terrace was closed, but I we were able to access the 5th floor terrace and got a tour of the 9th floor terrace (available by request, just ask at the concierge desk). It’s not always open, though. We lucked out that they had opened it for the day for another couple. It was a little cool that evening so we didn’t stay outside too long. We just went back to our room and “hung out” for the rest of the night.



The next morning (Valentine’s Day), we had breakfast in bed. Gotta love room service.




We had closed all of the window covers the night before (for obvious reasons) so I had to pull all of them back up. I wish they were remote controlled like in the media suite at Mandalay Bay (we got to check it out when we attended Cory and April’s wedding). That was really nice.


Us, in the gigantic bed, greeting each other “Happy Valentine’s Day!


It was a really beautiful day. I’m glad that Brian and I both got to take the day off and just spend the day together. This truly was the best Valentine’s weekend ever!


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