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Nikki’s Poker Room

Posted on January 23, 2011 by under Poker.    

It’s hard to believe that, as long as Nikki’s Poker Room as been around, we’d never been there until this year.

2011-01-15 20.38.18.jpg

2011-01-15 20.36.46.jpg

We got to check it out last weekend and it’s actually not bad. It’s no Highlands for sure (nothing will ever replace Highlands in my heart), but it’s slim pickin’s for places to play poker around these parts anymore.

2011-01-15 21.13.25.jpg

Jay and I both made the final table, but neither of us cashed. Jay got pretty close, though. I was pleased with my performance, all things considered. It was, after all, only my first time playing there. Next time I’m taking that tournament down!

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