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Do We Look Alike?

Posted on January 17, 2011 by under Family, Games, Travel.    

It’s my biological father’s birthday today! Happy Birthday!

2010-12-31 10.38.55.jpg

It’s a little weird because I’m not quite sure what to call him. I’ve only spent time with him twice in my entire life. Once in 1999. He sent me airline tickets to visit him and his family who were living in California at the time. And then New Year’s Eve 2010. They live in Las Vegas now, where they moved back in 2000 when they left California. They live about five minutes from The Strip.

2010-12-31 11.25.05.jpg

Fredo seems like a cool, fun guy. I actually found out that we have a few things in common like we are both yungit (can’t say words with the letter “r” but I mostly only have this problem when I’m speaking Tagalog or Cebuano not so much in English, fortunately) and we both enjoy playing chess. My half brother Adel likes to play chess also and is pretty good at it.

Adel played against both me and Brian. He lost against me, but won against Brian. He initially wanted a rematch, but I was afraid I would lose the second time around so I had him play against Brian instead. 😉

Naturally, I lost when I played against Fredo. Adel said he is very good at chess, but I wanted to try anyway. We only played once so I’m looking forward to a rematch. I think if I play him a few more times I can take him. LOL.

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    […] Remember how my biological father didn’t know that I had a speech impediment just like his whe…? I can’t really blame him since he didn’t really know me well enough to know how much we had in common. He knew of my existence, but I didn’t know of his until I was about 11 or 12 years old. I didn’t actually get to meet him until I was 21, and we only spent a couple of weeks together. Not long enough to really get to know one another. And, I’d already lived in the US about five years when we met. I think moving to the US is what cured me. […]

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