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Pez Porn on Christmas Day

Posted on December 28, 2010 by under Family.    

2010-12-25 09.42.22.jpg

Brian and I got to open our stocking stuffers after breakfast on Christmas morning. We got some games, bottle stoppers, and Pez!

2010-12-25 09.47.25.jpg

Brian got an Iron Man Pez dispenser and I got a Hello Kitty one.

2010-12-25 09.56.23.jpg

Brian didn’t get grape-flavored Pez so he asked for one from my Hello Kitty Pez dispenser, slobbering all over it as he grabbed the Pez with his mouth. So I said, “You’re slobbering all over my Hello Kitty!” I realized immediately after I said it that the statement could easily be taken out of context.

2010-12-25 10.00.13.jpg

As if that weren’t enough, when Brian dropped cherry Pez on the floor, I quipped “Whoa! Don’t lose your cherry!” With quotes like that, “Pez porn” was inevitable.

Anyway, I seem to always unintentionally say something inappropriate. LOL. Good thing my in-laws have a great sense of humor.

NOTE: The “Pez porn” was actually David’s idea. And this was before we got started on the rum and cola! LOL.

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