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The Day Before Christmas

Posted on December 26, 2010 by under Things to Do.    

I originally wanted to workout in the morning of Christmas Eve, but Brian talked me into sleeping in and staying in bed to cuddle. I didn’t technically get him a present this year since we are both going to Vegas for New Year’s Eve so I figured my gift to him will be letting him have his way on Christmas Eve day.

Speaking of, Brian and I just had this huge debate about Christmas Eve. He said you can consider the entire day of the 24th as Christmas Eve. That’s crazy! Christmas Eve only applies to the night before because “eve” is short for “evening.” I always make it a point to refer to any other time of day as the morning of the 24th or the afternoon of the 24th or even the morning of Christmas Eve, etc. Brian insists that I can just say Christmas Eve no matter what time it is. I had to look it up and prove it to him.

As always, I turned out to be right. Eve equals the evening before. Hence, Christmas Eve equals the evening before Christmas. Not the morning before, not the afternoon before, not the day before. The evening before. LOL.

So anyway, on the morning of Christmas Eve, Brian and I decided to treat our best buds (the Phelpi and the Dills) to brunch at the Cracker Barrel.

2010-12-24 11.34.22.jpg

2010-12-24 12.19.41.jpg

2010-12-24 11.20.56.jpg

2010-12-24 11.18.43.jpg

2010-12-24 11.11.43.jpg

It was Jay’s idea actually. He called us up that morning and asked if we wanted to go to breakfast. Our options were Jimmy’s Egg, The Good Egg, or Cracker Barrel. I picked Cracker Barrel because (a) I love Cracker Barrel, and (b) I figured that the first two places would be crazy packed.

I went from working out and burning calories to stuffing my face at Cracker Barrel and packing on calories. LOL. It’s all good, though, because we had a great time.

2010-12-24 12.23.29.jpg

2010-12-24 12.24.58.jpg

Incidentally, remember how I had such a hard time finding a holiday sweater? They have tons of Christmas-y stuff at Cracker Barrel. Who knew? Well, maybe everyone but me. I’ll have to remember this for next year. LOL.

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