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QAC Holiday Open House

Posted on December 16, 2010 by under Things to Do.    

Brian and I had fun at the holiday open house at our apartment complex tonight.

2010-12-16 19.02.35.jpg

2010-12-16 19.13.21.jpg

Santa made an appearance…

2010-12-16 18.32.31.jpg

There were lots of fun games…

2010-12-16 18.59.02.jpg

2010-12-16 18.58.37.jpg

One of the ladies got me on video on her iPhone 4 while playing this next game.

2010-12-16 19.12.32.jpg

I jumped up and squealed like a banshee as I won. I had one too many glasses of late harvest riesling I think. I was way too giddy for a such a silly game. I wish I had the video of it.

She offered to email us the video so Brian typed my email address in her phone. So far the video hasn’t arrived, though. I thought it would have been fun to share with you guys. As soon it shows up in my email inbox, I will post it.

2010-12-16 19.21.53.jpg

Cori did a great job coming up with all the games.

2010-12-16 19.16.41.jpg

2010-12-16 19.17.57.jpg

2010-12-16 19.24.57.jpg

2010-12-16 19.32.17.jpg

I had lot of fun. Way more fun that I expected. Then again, I have fun no matter what I’m doing. Give me a little bit of wine and the fun quadruples. Just kidding. I was not drunk at the holiday open house. I only had two little plastic cups worth. But I’m a light-weight so it doesn’t really take that much to get me happy. LOL. I just love our apartment complex.

P.S. I found out today that the roof of the old house fell in. I’m so glad that we are out of there. Sounds like the house is falling apart!

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