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So Far, So Good

Posted on December 11, 2010 by under Health, Things to Do, Videos.    

I’ve been able to sustain a five-day workout week the last couple of weeks. Zumba on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and then Advanced Step on Saturdays. I really want to workout on Sundays also, but something usually comes up that prevents me from doing it. (Becca does Zumba at North Y at 4:00 PM on Sundays and I’ve yet to try it.) I leave Fridays open for Salsa night at Suede, but that’s a workout in itself.

Step was particularly awesome today. There were only five of us. Six if you count the instructor. The small class size actually made it better because we were all regulars. We only had to break down a couple of sections and were able to get through the entire routine. Something that we’re not able to do usually when there are a lot of new people in the class because then we have to break down every segment. There is one part that we learned for the first time last week that kept tripping me up, but otherwise it was a fantastic workout. I finally got it on our last time through. I absolutely love Jenni’s Step class. It is the best Step class ever!

Zumba was good on Thursday too. Amanda likes throwing in seasonal music so we had two Christmas songs. We’ve done Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” and also Ricky Martin’s “Ay Ay Ay It’s Christmas” for a couple of weeks now. I think it’s awesome that she does that.

Although, I realized that stopping by Panda Express on the way to the gym the other day was a very bad idea less than fifteen minutes into my workout. LOL. I didn’t have a choice, though. My 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM training earlier that day ran long. It actually ran so late that we had to move the 1:00 PM training class to 1:30 PM, which meant I didn’t get to take a lunch. Lucky for me, they had bagels in the room from the training class in the morning so I just snacked on a bagel while in training.

By the time Brian picked me up at 5:00 PM, I was starving. Misty opted out of Zumba so we didn’t have to swing by her house and pick her up. That meant I had a little bit of time to eat before class. I would have had more time to eat, but we got trapped in East Kellogg traffic because of four-car pile up. I pretty much just scarfed up my food as quickly as I could. Not something that you want to do anyway, let alone do right before aerobic activity. I was so hungry, though.

I managed to make it all the way through Zumba without puking. I even had enough energy left over for another epic racquetball match with Jay. At one point Brian asked the score and we told him 7-4 (in my favor). He was like, “All that running around and you’re only at 7-4?” It was so intense, we wouldn’t let each other score. I think we were at 0-0 for at least five minutes. LOL. That’s pretty much how my racquetball matches with Jay go, though.

I always blog about my wins so I think it’s only fair to blog about my losses as well. I lost to Jay 15-11. Last week we went into overtime. Jay won that one too, 17-15. I was in the lead for a long time during that match and the tides turned when we hit 12-12. I seem to have a real problem with closing the game. Something that I’ll need to work on. Anyway, I think Jay is probably my most favorite racquetball opponent. Even though he did hit me with a fast one square in the center of my back the other day.

BTW, did you know that the Guinness Book of World Records is going to be in town on New Year’s Day to witness a record-breaking Zumba class at the Farha Sport Center? I think they’re going for 1,111 participants. Too bad we’re going to be in Las Vegas. Otherwise, I would totally do this! You all should definitely do it, though. I’ll be with you in spirit. 🙂

Here’s my current favorite Zumba song to get you in the mood… Enjoy!

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