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Ching’s Quest for an Ugly Holiday Sweater

Posted on December 8, 2010 by under Life.    

2010-12-08 06.55.17.jpg

Brian approved my work outfit today. LOL. It’s not very often that my attire garners his seal of approval. Lord knows he is completely against the “ugly holiday sweater” idea for the work holiday party at the Hays House in Council Grove on Friday.

It was actually Isaac’s idea. He thought it would be cool for everyone to wear an “ugly holiday sweater” to the party. When I brought the idea up to Brian, not only did he say no, but he said “Hell no!” He’s very adamant about looking “good” at the party. LOL.

He said I could do whatever I wanted, though, so I was initially thinking of going to Kohl’s or JC Penney for an inexpensive holiday sweater. Brian forbade me from buying something just to wear for a couple of hours, though. So I told him that I would just try to borrow one from someone.

After texting several people, I found out that no one I know owns an “ugly holiday sweater.” I shared this with Cindy this morning and she made a very good point. She said most people who own “ugly holiday sweaters” do not think that they are ugly. Perhaps I would have been more successful if I would have simply asked if they had a “Christmas-y” sweater.

JenTevs actually asked me what it was because she had no idea what I was talking about. Apparently the “ugly holiday sweater” concept is mostly an American tradition. By the time I got her message, she had already Googled it and broke the bad news to me via Facebook. No, she doesn’t own one. Of course, JenTevs doesn’t own anything “ugly” come to think of it.

I told Joni my woes and she suggested going to the thrift store where I can get one for about a couple of bucks. I really wasn’t sure when I would get to go because (a) Brian would never go with me, and (b) we’ve just been too busy lately. So I was super thrilled when Joni said she was going to the DAV and Goodwill over lunch today and let Jan and me tag along.

NOTE: I forgot to mention that when I posted on Twitter that we were going to the DAV to look for holiday sweaters at lunch, I got the following response from Brian via text, “DO NOT BUY ME AN UGLY SWEATER!” almost immediately. LOL.

The DAV is where I found this heinous number for less than $2! It’s absolutely perfect for Friday. I haven’t tried it on yet so I hope it fits. Incidentally, one of the ladies at the DAV said that the holiday sweaters have been selling like pancakes. I think it’s because everyone else is doing the same thing.

2010-12-08 13.13.27.jpg

Jan got a whole outfit! The jumper dress she got was pretty nice, actually. She tried to get me to buy this dress and my response was, “But it’s $7!” LOL. Little did we know that everything was half off today. We didn’t find out until we were checking out. If only, I’d have known… Joni didn’t find anything there so we went to Goodwill (down the street from the DAV) and also Value Center (right by our office building). No such luck, though. I think we might check out the East-side thrift stores tomorrow. I hadn’t been to the DAV in so long, I’d forgotten how much fun it is. It’s like going to one, big, monster garage sale!

I was super excited to show Brian my “new” used sweater that I actually emailed him a picture of it. I was hoping it would get him in the spirit of the whole “ugly holiday sweater” thing. It didn’t work, though. He’s such a party pooper.

Although, on the drive home, I told Brian that I hope that I don’t show off off my “ugly holiday sweater” at the party and have someone say, “I have that sweater. It’s my favorite!” That would be very, very, very bad. Brian and I had a good laugh about it, but both agreed this would be highly unlikely because my coworkers actually have good fashion sense. =P

Anyway, I’m super excited to see everyone in their “ugly holiday sweaters” on Friday!

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