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Giving RedBox a Shot

Posted on November 26, 2010 by under Games, Movies, Sex.    

Though we’d been loyal Netflix customers for over six years now, Brian finally broke down and decided to give RedBox a try. I’d been wanting to try RedBox for a while now, but Brian was completely against the idea. He’s very guarded when it comes to giving companies his credit card information.

Anyway, he wanted to set up a “play date” with Jay the other day and figured he couple pick up Eat Pray Love for Becca and I to watch while he and Jay played God of War III. I’d already seen Eat Pray Love before (Brian and I saw it with Misty and Jessica when it first came out it theaters), but Becca hadn’t seen it yet. It wasn’t a good enough draw for Becca, though, because Jay showed up the other night sans his better half. I really didn’t want to sit through the movie again (it’s a great movie, but it’s quite depressing, specially at the beginning) so I just ended up watching Brian and Jay play video games, while munching on some edamame and sipping some of my Aveda Comforting Tea. It was pretty entertaining, actually.

After Jay left, Brian continued to play some more. After another couple of hours of it, I got pretty bored so I ended surfing to Brian’s favorite web site. That pretty much put a stop to video-game-playing for the evening. LOL.

All I can say is, this has been a pretty amazing week! 😉

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  • Replies to "Giving RedBox a Shot"


    Ching  on November 28, 2010

    Correction: Jay just informed me that Becca had already seen Eat Pray Love. I was misinformed. I blame it on Brian. =P

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