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Fight Night

Posted on November 15, 2010 by under Family, Things to Do.    

2010-11-13 12.25.25.jpg

Brian and I were expecting about 20 people for the “Paquiao vs. Margarito” fight so we had to completely rearrange our tiny apartment to make room for everyone.

2010-11-13 12.26.00.jpg

So we moved the ottoman next to the kitchen to create extra seating and then we moved the dining table against the wall to create more space.

2010-11-13 12.22.39.jpg

Brian is excited for the fight. He doesn’t look it, but he really is excited.

2010-11-13 19.54.22.jpg

Donna and Jan came out, but both left before the main event started.

2010-11-13 20.19.03.jpg

We took this photo right before Jen, Armando, Apple and a couple of Armando’s friends showed up.

2010-11-13 21.13.58.jpg

Apple and Jen.

2010-11-13 21.50.42.jpg

We had the fight going on both TVs — in the living room and in the office — so that Jen could still enjoy the fight while she’s doing her school work.

2010-11-13 21.38.48.jpg

Brian and Ching.

2010-11-13 23.16.23.jpg

The pre-fights are kind of boring. I’m not really interested until Manny gets in the ring. Click here for more photos from fight night. 🙂

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