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New Baby Suggies

Posted on December 23, 2005 by under Babies.    

If you’ve ever wanted a sugarglider of your own, now is your chance. Sara has two new baby sugargliders, Mia and Amigo. They are babies of Littleman and Sweet Pea so they are the siblings of our sugargliders, Ginger and Star. She’s also looking for a home for her two chocolate apricot sugargliders Lilly and Jinx. They are adult sugargliders. Please visit her website for more information. Trust me. Pet store sugargliders are not as well cared for as her suggies. I know because the cage Rockie was kept in at the pet store was pretty sad. Brian actually had no intention of letting me buy a boy sugarglider despite the tantrum that I threw in the car on the way to lunch today. He made me promise that I would not buy one and that we would just look. However, when we got there he saw the condition that Rockie had to live in and he changed his mind. He was living in this small cage with his two sisters. They slept in this big sherpa-lined pouch. The pouch was pretty cool but it was really filthy. They had no toys in the cage except for a tree branch and a flexible rope that ran from one side of the cage to the other. I wouldn’t even consider those toys. Besides that, they were being fed oranges and pellet food. If you know anything about sugargliders, then you know that too much citrus is bad for them so oranges should be fed to them sparingly. We feed Ginger and Star oranges only once every two weeks and just a few slivers. We are very particular about their diet because we want to make sure that they live long, healthy lives. Anyway, Brian actually thought about buying the other two female sugargliders that were there with Rockie. Except at $185 each, that would mean almost $600 that we didn’t have right now. It was really sad, though. I felt bad that we could only take Rockie and had to leave them behind. Three sugargliders is enough, though. I don’t know how we would be able to handle having five of them. We’d probably have to buy another big cage. That’s another $100 and then add another $200 (at least) to that to deck out the cage with toys and accessories. I mean, you can’t have an empty cage. You have to make your pets happy.

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