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Survived Another Semester

Posted on December 20, 2005 by under School.    

I can’t believe I survived this semester with only one B. What a relief! I really thought I was going to get a B in MIS 605 and then a C in ACCT 410.

Based on how the semester was going, only MIS 610 (my favorite class this sem because it involved web programming) seemed like a sure thing. Even HRM 466, which is not really a difficult class, was looking iffy because of the workload in all my other classes. Besides that, I just didn’t have the time to study for all the exams and quizzes we had. I barely got an A in that class. An A is an A, though, so I’m happy. No one knows (except you guys) that it was more like an A minus.

I think my A in MIS 605 was borderline too. From the looks of my scores, I thought I would get a B. Steve Helm must have had some good news that day. I’m going to write Santa and tell him to get Helm something good this Christmas because he was very generous in handing out grades!

My B in ACCT 410 was borderline too. So I guess Santa needs to send something to Professor Jarnagin also. Seriously, though, the exams in accounting were horribly hard. Then again, it could just be me. I just don’t have an aptitude for accounting. The subject puts me to sleep. And it really didn’t help that the class ran from 7 to 10 pm because on most nights I was already pooped from having worked all day.

I was really glad the night of our final exam because it meant that the torture was finally over. As I got ready to leave after the exam, Professor Jarnagin took me by surprise when he told me that I had homework to pick up.

Brian picked me up from campus that night and I told him this during the drive home.

“He knew my name, baby! I couldn’t believe it! Teachers must have a knack for remembering names and faces,” I said.

“Teachers usually remember their best students and their worst students,” Brian replied.

“I’m doing horrible in that class. Does that mean I am the worst student?” Brian started laughing. And it wasn’t like he was laughing with me either. He was really laughing at me!

“I guess I shouldn’t haven’t been dozing off in the front row. It’s not like I could help it, though. Accounting is so boring and it’s really late at night!” I said trying to defend myself. I’m really not a rotten student, you know? I try my best. Accounting is just not my forte.

“What are you doing sitting in the front row? You never ever sit on the front row if you think you might end up falling asleep sometimes!” Like I do not know this.

“I have to sit at the front. I have poor eyesight. Besides, I never plan to fall asleep. It just happens. And then I couldn’t move to a different spot because we have a seating chart.”

“A seating chart?!”

“Yeah, we have assigned seats.”

“Never in my entire college career have I ever had to follow a seating chart. In high school, maybe. But not in college!”

“Yes. But he’s really old school, baby.”

Anyway, I don’t think Professor Jarnagin is alone. I’ve actually had a few classes that utilized seating charts. It helps the teachers remember who you are.

So maybe I’m really not a bad student after all? Maybe he just remembers my name because of our class seating chart? That’s it! That sure makes me feel better. LOL.

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