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Are You Ready for Halloween?

Posted on October 28, 2010 by under Games, Life.    

BRIAN: How are you doing the candy?

ME: I figured I’d just let the kids grab candy from the candy bowl.

BRIAN: I wouldn’t do that. They’ll grab a lot and your candy won’t last.

ME: You can be in charge of doling out the candy then.

BRIAN: Haven’t you ever been trick or treating?

ME: No. I grew up in the Philippines remember? We didn’t do any of that when I was growing up.

BRIAN: What did you do for Halloween then?

ME: We went to the cemetery and partied for kalag-kalag.

BRIAN: I like that idea better.

ME: I know. We are cooler than you guys.

I’m kidding. I’m really a big dork. I’m way, way, way nerdier than Brian.

For instance, today when we stopped by Cox Communications to pick up some free passes to Poltergeist on Saturday from @Cox_Will I was really excited because I didn’t just get to meet @Cox_Will for the first time, I also got to meet Joey Shirt.

ME: You’ll never believe who I just met. That was Joey Shirt! He’s @Cox_Will‘s supervisor.


ME: Joey Shirt! (Brian still had this baffled look on this face.) He used to play with us on Ogame. He played on Red Hot Pawn also. I will never forget him because the first time we played chess together on Red Hot Pawn I checkmated him in six moves.

(I couldn’t beat him anymore after that. I think I just took him by surprise because he didn’t expect me to actually know how to play. He probably underestimated me and was playing too easy.)

BRIAN: What department was he in?

ME: He was in tech support at the time, I think.

BRIAN: That explains it. I didn’t really get to see those guys.


The sad thing is that I think I remember more people from Cox Communications than Brian did — and he’s he one who actually worked there! LOL.

There was a period of two months in 2005 when I was completely consumed by Ogame. I ended up joining the Cable Mafia through Brian and actually leveled up faster than him. Anyway, I got to play with a lot of the Cox folks through that game and found out that some of them played chess also — which is how I ended up on Red Hot Pawn. It’s a convenient way to play chess with other people online.

I find it amusing that I remember all of these people from five years ago that I’d never even met in real life. I just know them through their game handles. I didn’t even know real names. So five years later, I finally get to meet Joey Shirt. And we wouldn’t even have met if it weren’t for @Cox_Will.

This made me realize a couple of things: I’m really, really nerdy and it’s a small, small world! I guess we all already knew that I’m a nerd, but it dawned on me that I’m way nerdier than I originally thought. =P

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