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Got Another FREE House Cleaning Today – FTW!

Posted on October 27, 2010 by under Life.    

We had a surprise when we got home from work today.

BRIAN: Sue said there might be an invoice on our counter for house cleaning and to just disregard it.

ME: Huh?

BRIAN: I think they meant to clean 1305 and they cleaned our apartment instead.

Sure enough, there was an invoice for $60 on the counter.

ME: Are you sure we don’t have to pay this?

BRIAN: That’s what she said.

This is the point when I saw the sink, which is empty and shiny. This is embarrassing to admit, but we were lazy last night and hadn’t put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher yet.

ME: OMG, they did our dishes!

We will generally pick up quite a bit, make our bed, put away our bathroom toiletries, make sure there are no dishes in the kitchen sink (dirty or otherwise), and hide all of the sex toys before we have house cleaners come. We didn’t ask for a house cleaning this time, though, so we didn’t expect them to come. Thus, we did none of the pre-house-cleaning-prep that we normally do.

Incidentally, our carpets are noticeably cleaner than they had been. We just had our house cleaned recently, but it was rainy the two days that the Cox guys came and we’d had company and stuff since.

It’s funny how house cleanings usually only last a few days and then you need to do it again. We’d been super busy, though, so we hadn’t had time to clean the house or pick up in the last couple of weeks.

BRIAN: They better not have touched MY TV!

ME: Check the bathroom down here while I go check upstairs.

BRIAN: Wow. They did a better job this time around.

ME: Well, the first time was a freebie. If they’re charging people, they better do a good job. It’s still cheaper than the $90 that Darcy pays each time she gets her place cleaned, though. LOL.

Darcy gets her downtown penthouse bachelorette pad at The Rumley cleaned every two weeks to the tune of $180 a month. She’s living the high life! Not for long, though. She just bought a house so she’s leaving Old Town to move to “the ‘burbs” (or so she calls it) next month.

BRIAN: They made our bed! And, they folded your clothes!

ME: They even dusted this time. Nice!

We’re back downstairs again.

BRIAN: Okay, they didn’t really do the dishes. They’re still stinky. I think they just rinsed it out real good.

ME: I guess they just needed to clear the sink so they could clean it.

BRIAN: This isn’t bad for $60.

ME: And we don’t have to pay for it… I love this place!

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