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The Oread

Posted on October 13, 2010 by under Things to Do, Travel.    

2010-09-29 17.58.30.jpg

I have to share pictures of this hotel in Lawrence, Kansas because it is probably the coolest place I’ve ever stayed at in a while.

2010-09-29 16.45.19.jpg

2010-09-29 16.46.33.jpg

All of the rooms have 50″ hi-def TVs and luxurious linens. I absolutely love that they give tons and tons of pillows. I always want extra pillows and rarely ever get it. This time I got almost a dozen pillows without even asking for them because they’re in every guest room. LOL.

2010-09-29 17.09.56.jpg

2010-09-29 16.46.09.jpg

I love the huge shower! (I think Carmen got a fabulous tub in her room.)

2010-09-29 17.49.38.jpg

2010-09-29 18.56.41.jpg

The hotel has several cool terraces.

2010-09-29 17.58.07.jpg

And several restaurants.

2010-09-29 17.59.27.jpg

And several patios.

2010-09-30 08.05.16.jpg

This is the view from the fifth floor terrace.

2010-09-29 17.48.47.jpg

There are great spaces inside as well, so you can lounge around inside if it’s too cold or too hot to be outdoors. It’s just a really neat hotel overall.

Other things about the hotel that I liked besides the enormous TV and extra pillows are the high ceilings and ceiling fans. I’d never stayed in a hotel room with a ceiling fan before. The rooms are just really big and spacious and luxurious.

I also liked the Lemon Bliss Spa located at the hotel. Their prices are really reasonable. I really, really liked The Oread. I’m thinking of taking Brian there for a spa retreat next Valentines Day. What do you guys think? Do you think Brian will love it?

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  • Replies to "The Oread"


    Sean  on October 30, 2010

    That building is actually a disgrace– it’s an ugly monstrosity and a scar on the side of the hill up there. It is also a place that obliterated places that were institutions up there, like the Hawk’s Nest, etc. In any case, it’s nice that it has so many pillows and a big television, but it would nice if there were standards these days– that thing resembles an insect with its various lucunae and antennae.


    Ching  on November 7, 2010


    This was actually my first time in Lawrence so I’m not familiar with all of the history. It seemed like there as a need for a nice hotel in the area for parents and visitors, though. Hope everything works out for the best.

    ~ Ching


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