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Quotables from this Weekend

Posted on October 4, 2010 by under Family.    

Being cooped up in the car with mom, Jenni and Brian for ten hours (twenty if count the return trip) was quite interesting. I did most of the driving. Brian took his turn, but neither Jenni nor mom drove. Jenni mostly just slept through everything. Mom stayed awake and talked to me to keep me alert. At times when the four of us were awake, we had some pretty funny conversations.

Mom was trying to tell me to drive safely because I had very important people in the car with us, including myself.

MOM: Drive carefully because you have valuable cargo.

JENNI: What? The apple butter?

ME: I thought you said it only cost five bucks.

There are times that we’re not on the same wave length. LOL.

Here’s another one that was about my lack of singing talent…

MOM: You should get a voice coach.

ME: Why?

MOM: If you’re going to insist on singing, you’ll need to learn how.

BRIAN: Wow. Even your own mom thinks your singing is awful!

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